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As an Alpharetta Dentist for more than two decades, Dr. Woods has been a staple in the local community and dental fields. After completing his residency with Emory University, Dr. Woods fell in love with North Atlanta and has since become one of the top Alpharetta Dentists in the area. He and his staff have consistently proven through continuing education and a perseverance to provide outstanding service and professionalism, that they can not only maintain a flourishing Alpharetta dental practice, but a strong ethical and moral passion for helping others as well. This passion to contribute to the well being of others has pushed Dr. Woods to further distinguish himself among Alpharetta Dentists as one of the areas’ only to obtain his Associate Fellow Status in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

This unique knowledge and specialization in the dental field allows Dr. Woods to provide much more to his patients than the average dentist. It enables him to take a comprehensive approach to not only improve your smile, but to make sure that it is done in a healthy process so that your teeth function just as great as they look. SmileScapes is the best dental practice in Alpharetta and we are more than happy to show you around our office to make you feel comfortable and at ease in knowing that you are in the best hands possible. Call us today at (678) 325-3394 or contact our Alpharetta Dental Office to schedule an appointment today!

How to choose the right Alpharetta dentist

Sometimes it can be difficult to discern between the right dentist and the wrong one. Certainly, it is important to understand what goes into this decision and what makes some dentists different from others. Here are some key points to keep in mind when selecting your Alpharetta Dentist!

  • Your dentist should take an interest in your overall health and understand how not just your teeth, but the overall health of your mouth can affect other health related issues and risks.
  • Your dentist should listen to your opinion because nobody understands how you feel better than you.
  • Does your dentist take proper x-rays and inspect your entire mouth and cheeks instead of just your teeth? A full and thorough examination is necessary to make sure that any potential problem areas are defined and addressed.
  • Your dentist should explain multiple treatment options available to you so that you understand the differences and can understand the outcomes, risks and costs associated with each. An example here is understanding if a removable bridge, fixed bridge, or an implant is more suitable for replacing a missing tooth.
  • A great dentist will always take their time to make sure that your dentistry is handled properly. Quality dental work cannot be rushed and it is important to make sure it is done right the first time.

Assessing the quality of your dental work

It is important to understand whether or not you have received proper treatment once you have visited your Alpharetta Dentist. Here are some things you should think about after your next dental visit:

  • How does your bite feel after treatment?
  • Is the dental treatment you received irritating your gums?
  • Does your treated tooth actually look like a tooth and appear as your others do in the mirror?
  • Does your tongue or dental floss catch on your tooth?
  • Did your dentist take the time to properly inspect your treatment when finished?
  • Did they polish your fillings?
  • Does it hurt when you drink hot or cold liquids?
  • Did they properly rinse out your mouth so that there isn’t any leftover debris hanging about after treatment?
  • Did they use water spray to cool your mouth while drilling?

These are some of the things that many consumers believe are normal after receiving dental treatment, however it can be a sign that you may not be receiving quality work. Be sure to ask your dentist questions if there is something that doesn’t feel right or seems out of place with your treatment. You may be surprised how often some of these items may be overlooked by a dentist who is rushed and unable to provide you with the quality dental care you deserve.

Helping to educate patients in their dental health is important to Dr. Woods and the SmileScapes team. It is one of many reasons that our practice has become one of the most highly recommended dental offices in the Atlanta area. You should never settle for being ill informed or uneducated as what is being done with your teeth and mouth. Your health is very important to us and it is why we strive to provide top quality dental care to each and every one of our patients. If you are looking for a dental provider in Alpharetta that cares about you, then there is no better Dentist in Alpharetta GA than Dr. Woods and his friendly team at SmileScapes.

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