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Brands and Types of Professional Whitening

Lifestyle, time and the aging process all contribute to the darkening of our teeth over the course of our lives. Many everyday activities such as drinking coffee, tea, and wine, or smoking cigarettes stain the surface of your teeth. In addition, your teeth naturally darken over time as you age. Professional Teeth Whitening  in Alpharetta is a cosmetic procedure that removes stains and lightens the natural pigmentation of your teeth to restore a bright white smile under the careful supervision of your Alpharetta dentist, Dr Robert Woods.

When considering Professional Teeth Whitening in Alpharetta, it’s no secret that there are a mind-boggling array of options out there. Choosing the right one for your lifestyle, time constraints and budget is a decision that can have long lasting effects, as the results of a Professional Teeth Whitening session generally last from one to several years, depending on your personal habits.

First, let’s look at the different types of procedures on the market today.

Certainly there are a wide range of do-it-yourself teeth whitening products available. A variety of strips, trays, rinses,  and whitening toothpastes and mouthwash/rinses are available from your local supermarket or via mail order. These products seem relatively inexpensive and do provide some whitening results but will usually take more time to get those results. The primary disadvantage to do it yourself whitening is the cost of multiple kits often exceeds the professional take home versions and these products are not meant to be used if you have preexisting cavities, fillings or other dental work.

Either performed in-office by your dentist, at home under your dentist’s supervision, or through a combination of the two techniques, professional teeth whitening provides better, longer lasting results than do it yourself kits. Once you’ve made the decision to undergo Professional Teeth Whitening, DR. Robert Woods and Staff will work with you to determine the technique best suited to your individual circumstances. Options include take home kits with custom fitted mouth trays, used on their own or in conjunction with an in office procedure.

Some of the most commonly seen brands of in office Professional Teeth Whitening systems use some form of light to assist the bleaching process.  Much research has shown these lights have minimal to no effect on the effect of the bleaching process so there are several systems available that do not utilize these lights.  However, both options work.   Some examples of the light assisted bleaching systems, sometimes called “laser assisted” or “LED assisted” bleaching, are the ZOOM!, Bright Smile and Beaming White teeth whitening systems. All of these Professional Teeth Whitening systems use a stronger hydrogen peroxide solution than you find in do it yourself whitening kits. This solution is applied to the teeth and activated with the use of a light/heat source. The light and heat activation speeds up the Professional Teeth Whitening process, enabling you to see visible results quickly, often with just one session in the dentist’s chair.  Often a take home system will be combined with the in office system to achieve the results you are truly capable of.  The Professional Teeth Whitening systems may also include a desensitizing agent in the whitening solution, in order to minimize sensitivity.

Dr. Robert Woods and his staff will help you determine the approach that us best for you.

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